F.I.T. The Rules

1. Teams

All teams must consist of 5 members.

Each team member should be available to participate for the entire 4 week period.

If someone in your team can no longer participate due to circumstances beyond their control, please let us know as soon as possible. The judges will allow a substitution only in exceptional circumstances, assessed on a case by case basis. The judges retain the right to refuse a substitution and the judges decision is final.

2. Your Fitbit

We hope you enjoy using your Fitbit device. It’s yours to keep after the tournament.

Each individual is responsible for maintaining their Fitbit and keeping it charged and in good working order throughout the tournament.

If you lose or damage your Fitbit then it will be up to you to obtain a replacement device and to register this device in place of the original.

3. Setting up your Fitbit

Please follow the instructions we have sent you on how to set up your Fitbit. Specifically:

  • Click here to set up your Fitbit account.
  • Give permission to FIT to access your Fitbit Data.

All participants need to ensure that they have done the above, which is the only way that we can capture your data to compete in the tournament.

If you have a problem with your Fitbit then please notify us straight away

4. Metrics

We will be measuring two metrics from each individual’s Fitbit device:

  • Active minutes
  • Steps

Each individual’s score will be based upon the sum of their active minutes and steps over the week long period.

The individual scores are cumulative, ie. Week One’s score will be included in Week Two’s score and so on.

The team’s score is based upon the sum of the 5 members of the team (ie. Active minutes and steps).

The team’s score is cumulative.

5. Competition Period

The tournament is made up of 4 ‘periods’ each lasting 1 week.

Each period starts at 12:01 PM on a Friday and ends at 12:00 Midday.

The first period runs from 12:01 PM on Friday the 1st of June to 12:00 Midday on Friday the 8th of June

The second period runs from 12:01 PM on Friday the 8th of June to 12:00 Midday on Friday the 15th of June

The third period runs from 12:01 PM on Friday the 15th of June to 12:00 Midday on Friday the 22nd of June

The fourth period runs from 12:01 PM on Friday the 22nd of June to 12:00 Midday on Friday the 29th of June

6. Data Collection

Please also see our privacy policy

The competition runs 24/7 during each competition period, so every piece of activity and every step counts.

In terms of privacy we are not measuring, or able to monitor the following:

  • Your location
  • What type of activity you are involved in
  • Who you are with

In general, only the ‘topline’ information will be accessible and visible by Freedman employees in order to populate the leaderboard.

Freedman have built a trigger into the database to identify any anomalous behaviour (e.g. activity that might suggest cheating or fraudulent behaviour). If anomalous activity is identified the Freedman team will obtain the data for the individuals involved to be able to further investigate.

7. Announcements

The agency leaderboard will update regularly every day throughout the tournament.

The individual leaderboard will only be updated once a week on a Friday at the following times:

Friday 8th of June - 1pm

Friday 15th of June - 1pm

Friday 22nd of June - 1pm

Friday 29th of June - 5pm

8. Overall Winning agency

The agency with the most cumulative points at 12:00 midday on Friday the 29th of June will be crowned the overall winning agency.

The winning team will be eligible to select 3 individuals to take part in the trip to Rwanda in October. It is up to the agency to determine who the 3 individuals are, and whether they are chosen from amongst the original 5 team members or not.

The names of the 3 individuals will need to be agreed by Friday the 6th of July.

9. Overall Winning Individuals

The individual male and the individual female with the most cumulative points at 12:00 midday on Friday the 29th of June will be crowned the overall winning individual male and overall winning individual female respectively.

The winning individual will be able to choose whether to claim the trip themselves, or whether to choose someone else to take their place. The name of the 2 individuals needs to be agreed by Friday the 6th of July.

If you do not fit into either the male or female categories, then please contact us directly and in confidence, to discuss options available to you.

10. Overall Greatest Fundraiser

A place on the trip to Rwanda will also be available to the individual who has raised the most money for ActionAid at 12:00 midday on Friday the 29th of June.

Each individual will get their own ‘Just Giving’ page for the tournament, they must collect any funds through this ‘Just Giving’ page for it to be eligible.

11. Trip to Rwanda

The trip to Rwanda will leave the UK on the 26th of October and return on the 4th of November. The trip is organised by ActionAid and further details about the trip will be provided to the winning teams and individuals once they have been announced.

The following will be included within the ‘prize’:

  • Return flights to Rwanda
  • Accommodation
  • Local transport
  • Meals and water (excluding alcohol and additional food snacks)

No cash alternative is available in place of the trip. 

if any individual finds they can no longer take their place after it has been booked, they should let Freedman or ActionAid know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate a substitution, but we will work with you to try to find a solution. 

Winners can choose to add a 3 day extension to their trip to visit mountain gorillas. This will cost an additional £995 and must be confirmed by Friday the 6th of July.

Winners must:

  • Pay for transport to the airport of departure
  • Pay for their visa
  • Pay for travel insurance
  • Consult with their local GP to identify what injections are required for travel to Rwanda 

12. Unacceptable Behaviour

We have a very strict policy on unacceptable behaviour. A participant will be suspended from the tournament if any of the following occur:

  • Aggressive or insulting behaviour
  • Discriminating against other participants based on gender, sexual orientation, age, culture or ethnic background
  • Deliberately causing upset or distress in others
  • Seeking to game or manipulate the tournament
  • Seeking to financial benefit from the tournament
  • Acting in a way that brings the tournament, or partners, into disrepute
  • Cheating (see below)

The judges reserve the right to suspend any participant whilst they are investigating any claims.

Any decision to exclude a participant will be final.

13. Cheating

Cheating will not be tolerated.

Cheating may include, but is not limited to, the following types of activity:

  • An individual giving their Fitbit to another person, or animal
  • One individual wearing more than one Fitbit
  • Hacking or tampering with either the Fitbit device, Fitbit account or the database 

14. Organiser and Promoter

This tournament is organised by Freedman International, a registered company (2493413) based at 45 Curlew Street, London, SE1 2ND

You can contact Freedman at:

020 7463 4800

Find out more about Freedman International at

Full details about F.I.T. at

15. Photography

By agreeing to these terms you permit Freedman to use any photographs, video or other content that you produce in relation to this tournament. Freedman will only use this content for the purpose of promoting this tournament.