Global marketing implementation is not just limited to localising or producing global campaigns; it's an umbrella term that includes many other important steps, from campaign planning to concept testing — not to mention clearance and usage rights management. The aim being to retain the core global campaign messaging, while ensuring your brand addresses its local audience with impact.

What tips and tricks are included in the guide? 

Whether you’re a seasoned global marketer or just starting your global marketing journey, global campaign implementation comes with its own set of difficulties and pitfalls. Our guide: Taking Your Brand Global: Marketing Implementation for Global Brands has been written by our implementation experts who, between them, have worked on 1000s of international marketing projects just like yours. They'll help you see that with the right team, a clear plan and our top tips, the global marketing world is your oyster.

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Translation Creative A-team
Getting quality translation Optimising your creative resources Finding your international A-Team 

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