Global tribes are worldwide communities with shared consumer behaviours. Global tribes are the eco-warriors, the gamers, the fitness enthusiasts etc. who define themselves, at least in part, through what they buy and through the brands they interact with.

But why are they so important? With the rise of digital and globalisation, global tribes are a new way of segmenting your audience. After all, if you’re shaped by certain consumer habits, like shopping sustainably, you might actually have far more in common with another eco-warrior on the other side of the world than with your own neighbours or someone your own age.

So, as global marketers, it’s important to understand the global tribes out there, and how to market to them effectively.

What insight and advice is included in the guide?

We’ve taken a cultural deep-dive into global tribes, considering whether they’ve replaced subcultures of the past. We’ve also taken a look at some emerging and evolving global tribes; online communities who share many consumer habits and are shaping modern trends.

Of course, we’ve not forgotten the more passionate consumers, like fandoms and brand fans. There’s also lots of tips on building and nurturing digital communities and advice on how to achieve brand authenticity. Ultimately, our aim is to help you understand your global audiences better and to connect with them in a way that resonates.

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Resonating with Global Tribes Building a Loyal Brand Following Engaging Digital Communities Maintaining Brand Authenticity

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