Register your details here

Each member of the team must fill in this form. We will only use this information to add you as a participant within the tournament. After you have submitted this form we will email you with a link to set up your Fitbit account or click on the link below.

Please set up and activate your Fitbit account as soon as you can.

Now Set Up Your FitBit

1. If you have your Fitbit, unpack it and switch on
(If you don't have your Fitbit yet, please continue to register and you can pair your device later)
2. Create a Fitbit Account at
3. Activate your Fitbit account
4. When you have activated your account you will be taken to a page on the Fitbit site, where we request that you grant us (FIT) permission to access your Fitbit account. Please accept.
5. You should be redirected to a page confirming that you successfully linked your account


If you do not see the success page then please try again, ensuring that your Fitbit account has been activated.

Any problems please email