Our 6 global marketing trends for 2020

In the marketing industry, the start of a new calendar is less ‘new year, new me’ and more ‘new year, new strategy.’ After all, with every new year comes a new set of industry trends for global marketers to build into their plans. So what of 2020?

Here’s a quick overview of the year ahead in the global marketing industry… 


1 - New Approaches to Narrative

Stories have the power to sell, which is why many modern-day marketing tactics revolve around telling a tale. Our guide reveals what the next chapter holds…


2 - B2B Gets Influential

The landscape of B2B marketing is shifting rapidly; gone are the days of uninspiring white papers. In 2020, influencers will continue to shine in the B2B spotlight.


3 - Eyes on the Buys

Visual search is rapidly changing the way products are discovered online by placing images at the heart of the shopping experience.


4 -  Social Becomes Shoppable

The gap between content and commerce is shrinking. New shoppable features are being introduced across social media and are transforming the digital shopping experience.


5 - From Web to App to PWA

When it comes to connecting with new customers, driving conversions and increasing revenue, progressive web apps are the future of mobile websites.

6 - It’s Game On for Esports

In 2020, esports is set to explode, taking over stadiums across the globe and becoming a competitive sport within its own right.

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